The NBC Beacon Afterschool Program

is a comprehensive community based program at Francisco Middle School. Youth receive extra academic support and can also take advantage of enrichment and recreational opportunities, develop their leadership skills, and feel connected and supported in our Beacon community.


The NBC Beacon after school program is available every school day from 3:26 - 6:26 pm.

3:26-4:00 Sign In & Community Time in the Cafeteria

Community Time is a shared time and space where youth sign in, enjoy their after school snack, are welcomed by staff, and a community space they can unwind from a long day at school.  Community time is always a positive way to transition into program. Walking into Community Time feels like a celebration in itself with music playing daily. Youth receive important information like the clubs of the day and academic support options, which are projected up everyday.  There are activity stations for youth to engage in, youth can exchange reward tickets at the student store, and can socialize with their peers and the staff. This is also a time that youth are acknowledged and celebrated for student of the month, birthdays and good behavior, etc. Lastly, it’s a time the NBC Beacon instills community values!

4:00-4:45 Academic Time

Academic Time is offered to all youth from 4:00-4:45. Youth can receive help from various teachers that open up their classrooms for small group tutoring. Youth can also receive tutoring in the AACE club, a homework completion program, that provides tutoring from college tutors. If students have completed their homework for the day, we also offer 2 other educational activities: our Alternative Learning Group (ALG) and Academic Enrichment which varies from day-to-day. Some of the academic activities include American Sign Language (ASL), educational movies, a "Real Talk" hour, and more!

4:45-6:00 Enrichment & Recreation Clubs

Enrichment and recreational activities include but not limited to, cooking, media, community service, gender-specific mentoring, performing arts, flag football, basketball, bike club, skate boarding, and soccer.

6:00-6:26 Community Time in room 102

Each day NBC Beacon instills community values through Community Time. After academic, enrichment and recreational clubs are over, youth work with staff to close out program. As a team, youth and staff work together to put supplies and equipment away, clean up and regroup with the others in room 102. During our community time, youth and staff gather around our community time and reflect on the day. Youth and staff share out a highlight from their day or something they would do differently tomorrow. As a community we listen and learn from each other and help support one another.

Enrollment Packet

All Francisco Middle School students and youth in the North Beach-Chinatown area are encouraged to sign up for this free program. Please visit our office in Room 102 for applications. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Beacon program cost?
The program is free. Students receive snacks, homework time/space, enrichment and recreation activities.  

How do I get an application?
Please download an application above or pick one up in room 102 at Francisco Middle School.  

Where do I return the application?
Please return it to room 102 at Francisco Middle School or to Theresa Alvarez's box in the main office.

Are there any requirements to participate in Beacon? 
NBC Beacon is open to all students at Francisco Middle School. There are no requirements, but priority is given to referrals from teachers and administrators.  

When is the program available? 
NBC Beacon is open everyday at 10:00 am. The after school program runs from 3:25 - 6:25 pm.



Youth Leadership Opportunities

NBC Beacon offers youth with multiple opportunities to develop their leadership skills through our different ladders of leadership. The hope is that through their training and experience, NBC Beacon youth leaders will one day become afterschool educations within our programs. Youth in middle school can apply to be on the Beacon leadership team, Be a Force Leading Youth (BFLY). Youth in high school can become a YES Intern (Youth Employment Service). Our Beacon's ladders of leadership helps youth develop positivie leadership skills, feel valued, connected, and reinvested in their community, and develops their job readiness skills to become active leaders in their professional careers. Youth who participate in this program also receive a small stipend.

For more information about our Youth Leadership Opportunities, please visit our Youth Leadership page.


The Beacon Afterschool Program is an ExCEL program of the San Francisco Unified School District. It is a part of the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center and partners with Francisco Middle School and Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center For more information, contact Theresa Alvarez at (415) 956-1234.