Youth Employment Services (YES) Programs for Leadership and Workforce Development

Youth Employment Services (YES) Program
The mission of the YES program is to cultivate youth leaders who will gain the necessary work skills to support and advocate for the TEL HI and North Beach-Chinatown community. 


for Middle School Youth


BFLY (Be a Force Leading Youth) is an afterschool program through the North Beach Chinatown Beacon that inspires 7th and 8th grade youth to become active leaders in their community. BFLY students participate in weekly trainings where they develop their leadership skills and discuss community (school and neighborhood) issues that affect them. In their clubs, BFLY students are asked to be role models and leaders by helping facilitate club time with the lead staff. With BFLY, our hope is that students feel like they can make a difference in their community and will pursue other leadership opportunities in their future. 

All youth are encouraged to apply. Grab an application from the Beacon today! 


for High School Youth
Currently, the YES program is not hiring interns for the Fall Semester. Instead, check out these workshops the YES Program is offering high school youth:

-How to choose the right college for you
-How to apply to college
-Personal Statement
-SAT information
-Filling out a FAFSA/getting financial aid

-Resume building workshops
-Resources to seek employment
-Assistance filling out applications

Academic Assistance
-Weekly SAT prep/tutoring
-Homework help

All workshops will take place at North Beach Place Teen Center (567 Bay St.) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The schedule will be announced on September 1st.